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An Historical Linguistics Detective Story: This is well confusing!

Historical Linguistics can be thought of as a crime scene where researchers displaced in time are left with the befuddling task of reconstructing what happened based on limited footprints of data. This historical study showed that intensifiers can come in and out of vogue over time, but its use may differ across different populations...

A blog entry in the Cambridge University Press Linguistics Blog about my study Diachronic Analysis of the Adjective Intensifier well from Early Modern English to Late Modern English.

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German Intensifiers: The Emergence of Germanic Variationist Sociolinguistics

Everything in the universe has to evolve to survive, and language is no exception. As well as constantly changing, language is also rich in variability, that is, there are several ways of expressing the same thing. The fundamental idea of variationist or Labovian sociolinguistics is that variation is not random, but instead is conditioned by various linguistic and social factors. ..

A blog entry in the Cambridge University Press Linguistics Blog about my publication Adjective Intensifiers in German published in the Journal of Germanic Linguistics.