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I am a Germanic linguist, specializing in second language acquisition, variationist sociolinguistics, and historical linguistics. My doctoral research examines the efficacy of widely practiced pedagogical approaches to language instruction and their effects on varying aspects of second language acquisition. In particular, it examines how knowledge from historical linguistics and language variation and change can be used to enhance the language learning experience. In my work as a sociolinguist and historical linguist, I use variationist quantitative methods to examine language variation and change. In this strand of research, I am currently engaged in two long-term research projects. The first investigates intensification in Germanic languages (modern and historical), a project which involves the examination of a number of linguistic and social factors influencing the use and development of intensifying adverbs. The second aims to establish the use of a variationist framework in work on German variation and change by examining a number of linguistic variables using Labovian quantitative methods.

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